HAP Annual Report
print design | illustration
The Brief
Design the 2020 annual report for Hatsun Agro Product Limited, India's largest private dairy company.

Design Challenge
Create a unique annual report that embodies the brand personality, while celebrating 50 years of the company's success and growth in 2020.

The Outcome
A memorable visual language was created using highly stylised illustrations done with a carefully selected colour palette. This was designed in order to appeal to company employees, investors and all other stakeholders alike.

Project Team: Copywriter - Vishal Sudhir | Brand managers - K. Muralidaran, Nishant Kaushik
My Role: concept, design, illustrations and layout.
Project Duration: 5 months (Feb - July 2020)

Research & Ideation
Mind-maps and thumbnails to arrive at a driving concept or idea for the report

Digitising ideas
Initial cover explorations
We presented three options to the client:
- gratitude (thanking nature, farmers and all vendors)
- rooted in nature (build on a strong foundation of core values)
- growing together (expanding to other parts of India)
Shortlisted option
The client wanted to use the visual of a fingerprint (option 1) to convey the concept of 'rooted in nature' (option 2). I worked closely with the copywriter to merge the two ideas through text and image. After a series of content iterations from the client's side, we finally completed the book.

Colour palette
Shades of green with neutrals such as beige and browns result in subtle yet sophisticated palette that complements the style of organic illustration used.
The Cover
The cover illustrates that all farm activity stems from nature and begins with a single fingerprint, that of a farmer. I have incorporated multiple silhouettes of dairy farming and farm life within the whorls and ridges of a fingerprint.
Brand Pages
HAP manufactures and markets products that cater to both cooking and consumption, like milk, curd, ice creams, ghee, paneer and a lot more. Their brands have become household names in over one million Indian houses. These are the individual brand pages for Arokya Milk, Hatsun Curd, Arun Icecreams, HAP Daily, Santosa and Ibaco.
Click here to view the entire annual report.

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