Cosmic Rose Clock
generative art - experimental clock
This is an experimental clock created in Javascript to generate a unique pattern every second. 

The clock has a strong cosmic vibe, with the twinkling colourful stars at the back along with seconds, minutes and hours orbiting around the planet-like form like rockets. The main form, that of the rose curve is an ode to beautiful stained-glass rose windows of cathedrals and churches.

The Code
It is based on the rose or rhodonea curve specified by the formula r=cos(kθ) for various values of k=n/d.
n takes values from 1-7 and d takes values from 1-9. I used the minute() value for the numerator and second() value for the denominator with the map() function. This could also be done without mapping these values but in some cases this would result in an extremely wide range for the k value, with patterns ending up too similar to each other.

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