Things I Like
game design
A simple match 3 game based on things that I like, built for the theme 'Relaxing'.

Classroom Project developed for Playful Prototypes at Parsons
Project Duration: 1 week (Mar 2022)
Developed using Unity
Credit: Images used were sourced from the Emoji library and sound from Mixkit.

I thought of my favourite things to do - making tea (more than drinking it), and playing puzzle games like Dots, Candy Crush and my all-time childhood favourite Bejeweled. I would wait to go to play it on my uncle’s computer during my summer vacation, and that’s what I would do for the majority of my day (This was maybe 15 years ago).​​​​​​​
No Constraints
Since the theme was relaxing, I didn’t want to add any constraints to what I was creating. My version Things I Like is more an interaction than a game. There is no time, bomb, etc that limits the player and they can go on endlessly creating matches, unless there are no matches possible at all. In this case, the player can restart and the board is reset again. 

When a match of three similar sprites is made, the objects are destroyed, along with a particle effect forming around the set. These are then replaced by new objects that fall. When a match of 4 is made, the object that is moved by the player is converted to a column or row bomb based on the match made. When this bomb is used to create a new match, the entire row or column is destroyed. 

8 different sprites with things I like / make me relax:
- poop (I choose to see this as chocolate ice cream)
- love & sparkle
- rainbows
-cute pigs (and other animals)
- paint / art
- nature & plants
- dance & music
- holiday season
Overall, I like that this is more ‘personal relaxation’ because I end up entering this mindless state of just finding matches and I forget all my other thoughts (best form of procrastination). Maybe in the future I can even trigger particular sounds that these sprites correspond to, instead of the same chime sound for every match that is made.
Or, the user has to get a minimum amount of each distraction or interest to match and destroy. Like at least 15 TV, 15 food, etc. This is similar to added elements seen in slightly higher levels of certain match-three games. This would make it a game with a goal.

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