HAP website
The Brief
Redesign the corporate website for Hatsun Agro Product Limited, India's largest private dairy company.

Design Challenge
The corporate website is used primarily by company stakeholders such as management, investors and vendors. As many shareholders are older adults and seniors, the site needed to be easy to navigate and highly accessible.

The Outcome
A dynamic site that showcases the achievements of the company over 50 years, reinforcing that they are the leaders of the industry. This is done through a playful mix of hard facts, blocks of colour, photos and videos masked within an evolving grid.

Project Team: Brand managers - K. Muralidaran, Nishant Kaushik | Developers - Adwants, Chennai
My Role: UI design
Project Duration: 4 months (Sep 2020 - Jan 2021)
Working on the sitemap
Creating a senior friendly, accessible site through:
- clean and simple design
- clutter-free, open layout
- legible fonts and text size with conscious use of hierarchy and contrast
- understandable language, clear instructions
- colour used sparingly as blocks 
- easy navigation using different colours
- balance between text and imagery
- consistent interface and labelling throughout the site

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