Habits Website
The Brief
Website design proposal for an Indian ethnic bespoke clothing boutique based in Chennai.

Design Challenge
Existing sales of the decade old boutique was based primarily on word of mouth and communication via a Whatsapp group, all within a very niche circle. The website needed to put forth the Habits mission while still embodying the rich, local, handmade and welcoming brand values.

The objective behind designing a website was to:
- increase brand awareness
- establish a digital inventory of all products
- enhanced digital experience
- allow users to customise their garments online
- set up an online shop
- track order from order till delivery

The Outcome
A site that takes gives users a glimpse into the boutique and manufacturing unit itself by simulating a tabletop view of a tailor's workspace. This is done using a collage style by overlaying photographs with pieces of fabric, motifs, tailoring tools and other elements, resulting in a modern take on the rich diverse textile traditions of India.

Project Team: Copywriter - Nirupama Kapil |  Brand manager - Jenifer Gerald 
My Role: UI / UX design, art direction
Project Duration: 2 months (Apr - Jun 2020)
The Habits Mission
To create a modern idiom of India’s rich and diverse textile heritage
- 20 years of continuous evolution, experimenting and successfully introducing new concepts like wearable, starch-free handlooms.
- Creative expressions through custom block printing, embroidery mix and match, high-end tailoring and signature touches on Gadwals, Khadis, Mangalagiri, Ikkats, Chettinads etc.
- A range that spans elegant, comfortable fashion for home and work to special services like grand customised wedding patterns.
- Bringing together talented, artistic weavers, dyers, block makers & craftsmen and unifying their skills to create our interpretation.
- Pre and post sales service, customisation and above all, the personal touch, ensure that the Habits woman always gets the look of her choice.
We conducted qualitative user interviews of existing customers of Habits to better understand:
- the brand USP
- what products and services they loved best
- how they heard about the brand
- how long they've been buying from Habits
Key Research findings
- customers values the personal relationship they built over the years with the founders of Habits.       This is what encouraged them to come back with friends and family. 
- "Each store visit felt like I was going to my friend's house, but also a craftsman's workshop"
- unique selling point - exclusive services provided by Habits such as:
customising dance saris
restoring old fabrics
bespoke tailoring service
custom-made wood blocks  for block printing, etc
- users prioritised that each garment is handmade, using natural materials and dying methods
- by buying from Habits, users felt they were supporting and buying directly from weavers and other artisans such as blockmakers and dyers as Habits works directly with them to create each product
Defining User Personas
Through research and many conversations with the founders of the brand, we identified the key personas that the site would cater to:
Site Information Architecture
Other options that were explored during user testing:

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