ibaco 2021 calendar
print design
The Brief
Design the 2021 calendar for ibaco, a dessert parlour franchise, featuring their range of ice-creams.

Design Challenge
Since ibaco already had a well established visual language of focusing on nature and ingredients, the concept for the calendar needed to reflect these aspects in a new, creative way.

The Outcome
As ibaco serves 36 flavours inspired from exotic places around the world, the visuals showcase both the product and ingredient upfront. With the scoop carefully placed atop the ingredient (fruit/nut), this zen-like balance transports one to different destinations from where the ingredients are sourced, indicated by the landscapes at the back.

Project Team: Brand managers - Aadhith Ganpath, Muralidaran K.
My Role: concept, design and layout
Duration: 3 weeks (Oct 2020)

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